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Why is Mold an Epidemic

Mold is not a new problem, however; mold is a rapidly growing problem. Let’s take a look at the changes in our society over the past 75 years and why the building industry needs to share some of the blame for what has happened. A guest blog by Mike Adams.

1. The change from plaster walls to sheetrock. Sheetrock is covered with paper that mold loves, particularly black mold. Moisture will always “wick” from wet to dry. Therefore, if your foundation is wet, it will wick to the studs in the walls, which will then wick to the paper on the sheetrock.

2. Pressed wood or particle board. This was developed as a cheaper alternative to solid wood. It is essentially wood pulp, and wood pieces glued together. This is not only more porous, which soaks up and retains water much better than straight lumber, but the glue, mixed with the mold creates all types of mycotoxin and VOC (volatile organic compound) problems. Mold releases enzymes to breakdown its food. The mold than produces mycotoxins as an after effect of feeding and growing.

3. Changes in building codes in the 1970’s. Let’s remember the energy crisis of the 70’s-long gas lines, concerns for imported oil and gas. In an effort to be less dependent on energy, building codes were almost universally changed. The changes were aimed at reducing the outdoor cold air from getting in and the indoor heat from getting out in the winter, and the outdoor heat from getting in and the indoor cool air from getting out in the winter. What we actually created are homes that can’t breathe. When homes have very little airflow, the moisture within the home becomes a real issue. As the indoor humidity level exceeds 60 percent (some experts even say 55 percent), we have essentially created an ideal environment for mold. Less air movement means things stay moist longer. As building materials and contents of the home stay moist, mold grows and propagates. It doesn’t have to even be a flood or major event. Refer to the blog titled Wonder How That Mold Took Hold? for a better understanding.

4. EMF’s are now at an astronomical rate. EMFs are electromagnetic fields. With the explosion of cell phones and WIFI, the scientific data is just now pouring in. EMFs make mold much worse. EMFs not only make the mold toxins worse, but the body takes on EMFs just like any other toxin. Toxin overload is more and more likely when you combine that EMFs are attacking your system, along with making the toxins from mold worse. As the toxins in your body build up, the healthiness of your home, (the place you spend half of your life) is critically important.

All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solution's 2 step dry fog system addresses the health of the entire home without introducing your family to further poisons, heavy metals, phenols, and the like. We give your family a fresh start to a healthy home.


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