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Our Story

In 2016, during the process of selling her home, an inspector discovered mold in Tatiana's attic space. Dryer venting had become dislodged so moist air was consistently being pumped into the space..for who knows how long. Now she faced a 'subject of sale' on an excellent offer and a lot of stress of how to take care of the situation. Her realtor sought out three quotes for the job. The first came in just over $7,000, the second over $11,000 and the third, $3,500. The process of remediation differed little between the 3 companies but Tatiana's priority was to not only satisfy the buyers, but also her own conscience. The new buyers were starting a family and the baby's room was to be the one adjacent to the attic space in question. Tatiana learned a lot about mold! She also learned a lot about the limitations of traditional mold remediation.


In mid 2019 she was introduced to a revolutionary patented process that eliminates mold spores quickly, effectively, comprehensively and required no demolition. This sparked an opportunity and the education continued and continues! Tatiana is proud to offer the services of All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions and invites you to follow her blog. If you've been experiencing allergy symptoms, foggy brain, unexplained headaches and other troublesome symptoms, you could have a mold sensitivity - even IF your home or office is a new build or had been treated for mold in the past. See more about that HERE.

The American developer has been contacted by agencies including NASA, the Capital in Washington DC, the Army Corps of Engineers and many state and local municipalities regarding scheduling and availability. All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions is proud to offer this service in British Columbia.


Tatiana Kostiak



Tatiana is certified as a mold inspector and IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician who nerds out on the growing body of information on the human health related implications of mold exposure. If there was a CSI unit specializing in the aftermath of mold, she’d say ‘Sign me up’! She brings mad listening skills, a compassionate heart for folks who are immune compromised/fighting mold illness and a determination to bring the best solutions to her clients. Years of communications related work means breaking down complex concepts is second nature. When she’s not hip wader deep in the latest intel you’ll find her boating on the water or walking her purebred Mexican street dog Cessna. (She likes planes. She’s trying to find the time to get her private pilot licence.)

Jay Semple High Res.png

Jay Semple

Lead Technician


Jay is a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI), Certified Mold Remediation Contractor (CMRC), Accredited Home Inspector (AHI) through the Home Inspectors Association BC, licenced Commercial Building Inspector AND he can see through walls! (Certified Level 1 Thermographer through ITC). He has 25 years in the construction and trades industry. What keeps him keen is a passion for innovation which led him to ACMPS and our VaPure system which he describes as a healthy and scientific alternative to the older methods of remediation  He’s got a shop full of every tool imaginable and employs them by fixing or improving anything and everything. When he’s got a bit of down time you’ll find him working on classic cars or with his hands on the yoke of a single engine plane gone for a wee flight. (A complete coincidence that he and Tatiana both love flying!)


Mold Elimination


Pathogen Elimination


Odor Elimination


Mold Testing

Traditional mold removal can take days or even weeks to complete and is usually very expensive. Our process takes only one visit and requires no demolition.

Learn more about our mold elimination service here.

We use a patented non-toxic two-part system to first destroy virus and bacteria and second create a barrier that destroys new virus and bacteria on contact for 90 days.

Learn more about our pathogen elimination service here.

No homeowner or employee likes the presence of a pungent, unwanted aroma in their space. Whether it's pet odor, cigarette smoke embedded in the walls, or just a musty old building, we can eradicate the awful aroma so you can get back to business as usual.


Learn more about our non-toxic odour elimination service here.

We can take samples of various types and work with a lab in Burnaby, BC to confirm mold type and also mold spore amounts. 

As a general rule we recommend if you see mold, you have mold and should have it treated. See this blog post to learn why testing, and of course the related expense, is often unnecessary.

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