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Why Choose Dry Fog + Dry Vapor Odour Elimination?

Welcome to the basics of what we offer. You can dive deeper in our FAQ section and really geek out in the BLOG!

First reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Customized Treatment

When we determine the cause of a smell we customize our treatment accordingly. What types of odors do we eliminate? Here's just a few:

  • Mold/Mildew

  • Pet urine and other pet odours

  • Smoke/Fire

  • Flood

  • Sewage

  • Skunk

  • Hydroponic/Grow Rooms

  • Cooking odours

  • Decomposition and more

Where an odor is caused by a bacteria (most cases) we deploy two steps to 'clear the air'. The first step is the same dry fog process we use to kill mold, bacteria and virus. In the second step we use a separate technology to eliminate any lingering odor by running a dry vapor process. This permanently and safely neutralizes embedded odors.

Second reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Fast & Effective

We have such busy lives and many clients are concerned about how long they will need to be out of their home or premises. 

When we are dealing with killing and clearing bacteria caused odors we will need approximately 2 hours to complete the kill. Once we open the space up to exchange the air, clients are welcome to occupy the space. The dry vapor (second step) can run shortly after the first step and while the space is occupied if necessary. It is safe for people and pets. The length of time (number of hours) the dry vapor must run will depend on the level of contamination.

The compounds in the vapor react with the odorous molecules in the air and neutralize them. These compounds are highly mobile and are able to penetrate porous substances including drywall, wood, cement, carpet and insulation.

(In cases where only the dry vapor is required, we will set up and collect the unit and the space may be occupied at all times.)

third reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Comprehensive Coverage

People's understanding of pathogens has increased a thousand-fold since January 2020 and it has exposed vulnerabilities and fears on a scale that has never been seen before in our lifetime. It has also forever changed some of the ways people will live and work. As the world moves to get back to normal, while being vigilant and careful, there is a hesitaton and pushback from many. This is natural and means there is a need to face that challenge in meaningful and endurable ways. 

One way to do this is to employ the best protocols and technology available and to let people know the how, when, why, where. All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions is ready to be part of the team.

We got this part!

Fourth reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Non-Toxic Treatment

Whether we need to use one or both of our odour elimination processes, you can be assured all are non-toxic.

Our InstaPURE dry fog process uses a Health Canada registered sterilant that denatures or safely kills all mold spores, fungi, bacteria, and viruses it comes in contact with. Containing tiny disinfectant particles that measure only a few microns, the InstaPURE process can permeate the hardest to reach places without damaging any surfaces. And although deadly to odour causing bacteria it's safe enough to be FDA-approved for food contact.​

The dry vapour technology we deploy uses natural, non-toxic essential oils and odor neutralizing compounds in patented membrane cartridges that breathe a penetrating dry vapor into the air. Unlike ozone treatments, this technology can be used in occupied structures. It will not harm people, plants or animals, or affect fabrics, rubber, adhesives or other materials and surfaces. It's proven effective in fire and flood restoration, industrial and healthcare facilities-even in eliminating difficult-to-remove urine odors.

We give these properties the 'ALL CLEAR'

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