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How do we prepare for the sterilization treatment?

Because we deploy a dry fog there is no need to cover or remove computers or other electronics. They will be perfectly safe. This is not the case with wet spraying or electrostatic spraying where preparation of spaces is recommended, including putting away paperwork and protecting electronics. That's a bit counterproductive as, let's face it, these are typically super high touch items you would want to be treated! Prior to treatment we'll email you some simple steps to help you prepare your space(s).


Dry fogging is the ideal method to sterilize large areas with minimum disruption to both you and your business. Fogging thoroughly sterilizes the air and because we also run our fog through the HVAC system, your building will be absolutely 'All Clear'.

While the dry fogging technology ensures a thorough kill of pathogens, the real workhorse of our process is the second step that leaves an invisible protective layer that is non-toxic to humans and animals. It will continuously destroy virus and bacteria that lands on it for 90 days. Say someone sneezes or coughs and those aerosolized particles fall, eventually landing where they land. It may be on a water cooler, keyboard, countertop, fridge door but also may be in places we don't typically wipe down daily like walls, chair backs, desk legs, light fixtures. We still touch these things. They are still harboring pathogens that can live on these surfaces anywhere from hours to weeks. 

A quarterly treatment by All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions is the best proactive protocol you can enact to protect against fomite transmission. (Transmission via inanimate objects.)

There is a light vinegar-like scent for a short period of time after treatment but it is entirely safe. 

Pathogens require far less 'dwell time' to be destroyed than mold. This means we can get to step 2 of our process more quickly when treating strictly for pathogens. The total time is dependent on the size of the space to be treated, but we can schedule treatment time to happen during off hours or when the building is normally unoccupied.

How are we protected after treatment?

Will we smell anything after treatment?

How long will treatment take?

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Yes. The products used are considered 'green' - non-toxic.

Are the products used safe?

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The typical cost for sterilization and antimicrobial protection is $1.25 per square foot for up to 1,000 square feet and then there is a sliding scale where the per square foot cost decreases. For sterilization only please call for a quote. We offer preferred rates for contracts of quarterly service. To get an exact quote please contact us to schedule your free estimate.

How much does treatment cost?

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All Clear Home & Pathogen Solutions will travel across BC to provide service on a rotating schedule. If you require services sooner, we can arrange for this but there will be a premium quoted.

What areas do you serve?

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Can we see results on various viruses?

Yes! You can access that information here:

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