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Why Choose Dry Fog Pathogen Elimination?

Welcome to the basics of what we offer. You can dive deeper in our FAQ section and really geek out in the BLOG!

First reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Virus & Bacteria Eradication

The patented dry fog technology we use to eliminate mold was originally developed in answer to a need for fully effective sterilization of hospital rooms. So, destroying virus is absolutely in our wheelhouse. 

The fog is guaranteed to reach into every pore of your home or building and eradicates virus and bacteria on contact

Our treatment is proven effective against Human Coronavirus, Flu Virus, MRSA, Staph, CDiff, Anthrax, Hand Foot Mouth, H1N1, Ringworm and more.

It's the most comprehensive option available when compared to any other process including 'wet' fog spraying, UV treatments or spot cleaning of high touch areas. Wet treatments can be damaging to electronics, paperwork and fail to clear HVAC systems and anything higher than its direct target from pathogens. UV treatments are also challenged because they only work where the light targets. Spot cleaning is just that, spot cleaning and is prone to human error such as 'hurrying' the necessary hang time of the chemical. And, our process is the only one to provide long lasting protection.

Second reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Lasting & Continuous Protection

With so much of our focus on the current Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increased interest and intention when it comes to cleaning protocols. The challenge with attempting to eliminate any pathogen via traditional cleaning is that the process is only as effective as it is thorough. And it doesn't last. Our dry fog system clearly surpasses any other method of eradication. But, consider that what has been cleaned (cleared of virus) is easily recontaminated. There is no lasting protection.

This is where our system once again stands apart from others. The second step in our dry fogging process provides lasting antimicrobial protection. How does it work? Quite simply, we apply a protective layer and it reaches everywhere, just like what happens with the first step in our system. What's left behind is a positively charged surface (picture a bed of nails) and when a pathogen comes into contact (they are negative, or smooth) the pathogen is destroyed. The developer of our system and process says it's a bit like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Given the choice, which weapon would you choose to bring? 

A quarterly service gives you year-round protection. 

third reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Staff & Customer Confidence

People's understanding of pathogens has increased a thousand-fold since January 2020 and it has exposed vulnerabilities and fears on a scale that has never been seen before in our lifetime. It has also forever changed some of the ways people will live and work. As the world moves to get back to normal, while being vigilant and careful, there is a hesitaton and pushback from many. This is natural and means there is a need to face that challenge in meaningful and endurable ways. 

One way to do this is to employ the best protocols and technology available and to let people know the how, when, why, where. All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions is ready to be part of the team.

We got this part!

Fourth reason to choose dry fog virus eradication

Non-Toxic Treatment

While it's widely understood that a healthy environment is critical to human health, in the face of danger (pathogens), a mental battle ensues and this means some may reach for toxic agents they might otherwise not use under normal circumstances.  

Then when we look at exposure, it is easy to see that continuous cleaning means more chemicals are taken in by our bodies through our respiratory system and skin. 

With our system, you get lasting protection and  the assurance that the product we use is non-toxic to humans and animals. Of course there is always a place for spot cleaning because things still need to be cleaned. But, on balance, that chore will be reduced. And there is something to be said about peace of mind.

We give these properties the 'ALL CLEAR'

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