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What Should I Do To Prepare My Vehicle?

Simple ways to get the most out of the All Clear treatment for cars, truck, RVs, campers and boats.

The vehicle and keys will need to be left with the technician for 2 hours to complete the dry fog process. This is what you can do ahead of time: *Please note: If you are mold sensitive, allergic, have mold illness and/or are dealing with a large scale mold issue, do not try to clean up/disturb the mold prior to treatment. We are available to consult with you on your individual situation. You can call: 604-966-8625 or email:

  1. Ensure any leaks and/or moisture issues are dealt with and that all materials are dry.

  2. We will open all compartments prior to commencing treatment. This allows for the fog to easily treat the contents of the those spaces. For example, your clothes are holding mold spores and perhaps even mold growth. Our process safely treats the vehicle itself and the contents. Something you cannot get from any other mold remediation treatment.

  3. Wipe down/clean your dashboard, window tracks and other dust collecting surfaces. This step is the perfect way to get the most benefit from our second step - the antimicrobial application. While the covalent bond is successful even with debris in place, a clean surface is ideal.*

  4. Prepare for or arrange a post treatment clean up/vacuum. Here's why: The spores in the air will be getting hit with the vapor, and the growing mold will be in a state of stress since it is also getting hit with fog. When growing mold is in a state of stress, it spores dramatically. Our process exhausts and kills all of those visible and hidden mold factories. What is does not do is remove the dead residue. So, vacuuming is a great way to clear the air so to speak.

  5. Let the technician know if your air circulating system controls are inoperable or limited in any way. To treat the air circulation system we need to be able to engage the fan mode (no heat) for some time during the process.

  6. Inform us ahead of time if your fabrics are significantly discoloured by mold. The stains that the mold has created will not go away during treatment but we can clean them for you at an additional cost. If you want, you can do that yourself after the treatment as everything will be perfectly safe to handle at that point.

  7. Congratulate youselves! When you pick up your vehicle or boat you will be enjoying a fresh start in a healthy ride! *We recommend the services of Done Right Detailing if you are located in the Powell River area.


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