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One Action Eradicates Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses from Your Entire Home or Building, Including Furniture, Belongings and Air

We Guarantee Our Results

  • Quick, efficient & more affordable: We sanitize the entire building, not just part of it. Complete in under 6 hours

  • Tested and used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Verified by Element Labs (Eagan, MN)

  • Non-Toxic to humans, pets and the planet

  • Guaranteed results for 1 year. Continued protection for years to come

  • Independently owned and operated

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Now Available in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Sea to Sky, Powell River,
Sunshine Coast and More


Engineered for Hospitals, 
Used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Now Available to Homes and Businesses

Originally designed for sterilizing hospital operating rooms, its inventors later expanded its application to include destroying mold, viruses, and odors in homes and businesses.

We are fully Insured plus have an active WorkSafe BC account.

Traditional mold remediation can take days or even weeks to complete and is usually very expensive.

Our 2-step process destroys all mold spores, even those behind walls, and gives you the All Clear in just one visit and requires no demolition.

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We use only non-toxic products which means they are safe for you, your family and pets. In fact, you can enter the treated building very shortly after our process is completed. You truly have the All Clear!

Our 2 step system addresses the health of the entire home without introducing your family to further poisons, heavy metals, phenols, and the like. We give your family a fresh start to a healthy home.

We guarantee our mold treatments for 1 year. The patented dry-fog vapor mold treatment is guaranteed to reach into every pore of your home or building killing mold, virus and bacteria and preventing mold regrowth for years to come. The treatment will penetrate inside wall cavities as well as inside porous materials like furniture and drywall. No need to throw away couches, textiles and leather goods!

How a Two-Step Process Eradicates Mold, Viruses and Odors and Prevents Regrowth


STEP 1: Using patented dry fog vapor technology, we fill the entire volume of space with a Health-Canada registered sterilant that kills mold, viruses and bacteria, including those airborne.

Because of the fog's microscopic size, the sterilant accesses even the tiniest spaces that mold spores inhabit, including behind the walls, within furniture, clothes and appliances. This ensures the destruction of mold spores wherever they may hide, without causing any harm to your home or belongings.

STEP 2: Using the same patented technology we recalibrate the system to coat every surface where future mold, bacteria and viruses can land with microscopic anti-microbial particles that destroy mold, bacteria and viruses on contact. The product we use is safe for humans and pets and will remain on your surfaces, protecting you from future mold growth for years to come, providing your surface isn't subjected to excessive water leaks.

VaPure Dry Fog Vapor VS Other Fogs and Sprays

How Vapor Technology Succeeds Where Fog and Sprays Fail

VaPure Dry Fog Vapor VS Other Fogs and Sprays

Other fogs and sprays consist of mist droplets that merely land on surfaces shortly after being discharged and are too big to access the narrower spaces where small mold spores can linger. Our patented VaPure fogging technology creates particles that float in the air for an extended amount of time and are made of microscopic particles that can reach and destroy mold within the tiniest crevices, including hidden spaces behind walls and even in the air.


How VaPure Stops Mold from Spreading

When mold faces any form of disturbance, it responds by rapidly spreading its spores. It scatters its spores far and wide to ensure its survival. This attempt to survive occurs whether you're using our VaPure treatment, other fog or spray systems, or even simply attempting to scrub it off a wall. This is why spot cleaning or spot treatments can create a larger problem. Our process not only kills the mold while it spores but then destroys the spores that were sent out all in one complex but comprehensive action.

How We Determine If You Have a Mold Problem When It's Not Evident

Whether you noticed mold on a windowsill or think you have hidden issues without visible signs, if you need to confirm a potential mold problem, what's your next step? That's where our process comes into play:


First we establish what it is that leads you to think you have a mold problem. Whether you've become symptomatic or smell mold, etc. We'll ask specific questions.

We then do a walk around the outside of the home and look for possible water intrusion issues.

We inspect the inside of the house and look for indications of hidden mold growth.

If there are no obvious signs, we will discuss the option of running tests we send to a third-party lab for evaluation.

Our mission is to provide you with the answers you're seeking.

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What Customers Are Saying

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"We recently discovered some black mold in one of the bedrooms of our daughter's house south of town. Looking around we found there are only a  few companies in the Powell River area that deal with it. All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions deals specifically with these challenges. Upon contact Tatiana Kostiak came out and conducted a free site assessment.

She was able to provide a thorough identification of the mold, it's likely causes and a plan to deal with it involving the least convenience for our daughter.

Tatiana and JoAnne spent about a half day applying the unique process after which the mold was gone and the house was protected against all possible future invasion of mold and other pathogens.

She further provided excellent guidance on how to deal with excessive
humidity and household moisture for ongoing prevention.

We have been greatly comforted and are very pleased with the service."

Ken Glaze

Lang Bay


Need Help Determining Whether You Have a Mold Problem?

We Can Help

If you suspect that your home is making you sick, or you smell mold, or see mold and are uncertain about the need for mold remediation, reach out to us. We'll provide expert advice and share our extensive experience to help you determine the best steps to take.

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All Clear Mold & Pathogen Solutions can provide services to several remote locations in British Columbia, accessible only by boat or float plane.

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