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This refillable, rechargeable (USB) personal probiotics Mini Fogger helps fight bacteria, virus and mold. Probiotics starve allergens resulting in cleaner air.  Disperses miscroscopic protective layers of probiotics. All natural, biodegradable, 100% organic and NON-GMO, New-Gen Biotics are the world's strongest environmental probiotics. When the Mini is open it disperses probiotic mist for several seconds then automatically shuts off. Portable size is perfect for cars, airplanes, keyboards and more. Includes 5o oz of New-Gen Biotics. ($50 value)

Mini Probiotic Fogger

SKU: 364215376135191
Colours available: white
  • The Mini is an “on the go” device that forms a protective bubble around you. It covers you with probiotics. This is a full system including the mister, probiotic refills, charger cord, and instructions. Use to purify: Autos (steering wheel, seat, buttons, door handles, etc...), Office Spaces (chair, desk, door knobs), Computer Keyboards, Travel Surfaces (airplane seats and trays, restaurant seats/tables, etc...). Give yourself a probiotic boost by spraying your face/hands twice a day.

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