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What Should We Do To Prepare?

Simple ways to get the most out of the All Clear treatment.

The home will need to be vacant during the dry fog process, so plan a place for you and your pets to be during the services. This is what you can do ahead of time:

  1. Ensure any leaks and/or moisture issues are dealt with and that all materials are dry.

  2. Open all closet doors and drawers a little. Also prop open any plastic storage bins.This allows for the fog to easily treat the contents of the those spaces. For example, your clothes are holding mold spores and perhaps even mold growth. Our process safely treats the house itself and the contents. Something you cannot get from any other mold remediation treatment.

  3. Buy a new furnace filter (or two). Our technicians will remove your old filter prior to treatment and having a new one to replace it is ideal. On top of that, any new filters available at the time of service will be treated with the EverPURE (non-toxic antimicrobial) treatment.

  4. Strip your beds. While not necessary, this does allow for easier penetration of the fog into your mattresses.

  5. Wipe down/clean your window tracks, sills and other dust collecting surfaces.This step is the perfect way to get the most benefit from our second step - the antimicrobial application. While the covalent bond is successful even with debris in place, a clean surface is ideal.*

  6. Go deep. Clean/clear all drains, kitchen and bathroom exhaust fan grills, washing machine seals and dishwasher seals.**

  7. Clear your window sills and raise blinds. Any items normally housed on those surfaces should be temporarily relocated elsewhere nearby. The reason we focus so much on window tracks and sills is because mold is often an issue in those areas.

  8. Tell the kiddos to make a mess. We are serious! Laying out the toys so they are easily treated is a great way to santize them for bacteria and virus.

  9. Run a dehumidifier for a few days if you have one. Getting as much moisture out of the air in your home is helpful. While we need your home to be dry at the time of treatment, you will also need to stay on top of this in future if it is an issue that cannot be resolved otherwise. For instance, if upgrading your windows is not possible and you often find condensation on them, you will need to mitigate that situation with dehumidification, air circulation (to encourage evaporation) and consistent heating of the space.

  10. Turn up the heat. Ensure the entire house is warm. This will also lower the relative humidity which is preferable.

  11. Ensure all windows are closed.

  12. Go into 'that room'. No need to cringe...we all have 'that room', the one that's a lot like the junk drawer in our kitchen. Boxes stacked against walls and clutter in general encourages mold growth by inhibiting air flow. While our fog is incredibly successful at getting into everything porous, plastic bins stacked up against drywall for instance, will impede the fog of course.

  13. Is your home always hovering on the high side with relative humidity? Eliminate any standing water. Please ensure all sinks are clear of any dishes holding standing water, plant overflow drip trays are dry, essential oil diffusers are OFF and not holding water, vases holding flowers/water are relocated to the outdoors temporarily. Standing water in these items increases the relative humidity in the home.

  14. Eat your veggies..or at least, put fresh food in the fridge or in storage containers. Our treatment is FDA safe for food contact so no worries if you need to leave anything out.

  15. Disable any alarm systems and smoke alarms. The fog can set off smoke alarms.

  16. Leave your vacuum out in the middle of a room. Make sure you have changed any filter (with a NEW filter) and replaced the collection bag (if applicable). We will run the fog through it.

  17. Congratulate yourselves! When you return home you will be enjoying a fresh start in a healthy home! *We recommend the services of Powell River Window Cleaning if your home is located in the Powell River area. **This may not be an exhaustive list and depends on your home. We can review the specifics at our pre-treatment consultation. We can arrange for a preparation clean if desired. (Does not include HVAC cleaning but this is an ideal time to arrange for your HVAC maintenance/cleaning.)


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