Why Choose Demolition Free Mold Removal?

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Effective & Comprehensive

Using patented dry fog technology, we fill up the entire volume of space within a building with a Health Canada registered sterilant that kills mold, virus and bacteria on contact. Not only are surfaces treated, the fog denatures spores that are airborne, in furniture, fabrics, in air ducts and behind walls.


While traditional mold remediation involves quarantining off the area to be treated, we treat the entire building. Mold spores don't simply exist where you can see mold. They will be present throughout the building. Mold spores can lie inert for years and will grow as soon as suitable moisture conditions are available. By eradicating the 'mold load', we can guarantee our results. Our system is that effective.


For more on 'mold load' see this post in our BLOG.

You will benefit from the fact that we can do jobs faster while also saving you the potential expense of replacing walls and carpet. Simple. But, what if you are looking to renovate or are actively renovating and discover mold? Some contractors will suggest they simply demo and dispose of the affected materials. Some will insist a traditional mold remediation company take over to deal with the issue. In the first case your well intentioned contractor could end up moving mold spores everywhere thinking out of sight, out of mind. That's not how mold works. (This is how it works.) In the second scenario, you incur the cost of remediation and that may stretch your budget, or cause you to have to shift your design plans. 

With our system, we come in and kill all mold spores in just hours, rendering the materials safe to be removed or restored.

More Affordable

Faster & Non Invasive

Lasting Protection

Old remediation methods can take weeks to get mold levels back to satisfactory levels in a single room, not to mention the rest of the home. Once that process is over, you begin the painstaking labor of rebuilding everything that was torn out. With dry fog technology the entire problem from start to finish can be taken care of in as few as 4 hours.

Instead of quarantining off a section of your house and having contractors walking in and out for weeks, we get the job done quickly, leaving your space free of any harmful mold or pathogens.

Difficult to reach spaces (think crawl spaces, attics, wall cavities) are some of the most common spaces harboring mold issues but ignoring the problem because of inconvenience and expense can do a lot of unconsidered damage in the long run. It's not only human health that can suffer, building materials can degrade. When that happens, the cost to remediate can be very high. 

The second step in our system is just as advanced and exciting (we hope you'll agree!) as the first. We dry fog an antimicrobial protectant that offers years of protection. In fact, provided the original water/moisture issue has been effectively dealt with, mold spores that enter the home after treatment will land on the treated surfaces and be destroyed. That's a polite way of saying they become unviable..dead. The best part is it's non-toxic to humans and pets. And, because it is delivered through our patented distribution process, it gets everywhere. 


Mold spores don't have brains, they simply float around and light on surfaces as the air moves them. They are inert until they find a moisture source and then they proliferate. Your house, after our treatment, will have surfaces that destroy the mold spores on contact. No amount of moisture can make the spores alive again..there are no zombie mold spores! But seriously, while all mold is not toxic or even harmful, knowing you don't have to give it another thought is a wonderful benefit.

We give these properties the 'ALL CLEAR'

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Single Family Homes
We treat your whole home, not just the places where mold is visible, at a cost that is less than traditional mold remediation services. Single-family homes, small and large, in any configuration, have 100% success with our process.
Condos & Multi-Family Homes
We work with condo owners and property management companies to handle individual units and all common areas.
The discovery of mold in your facility doesn't need to mean lost business with down time for remediation. Our process can take care of the issue in hours, not days. And, with increased awareness about the dangers of many molds, parents will be reassured when you can declare your facility 'All Clear'.
Schools in BC are as prone to mold issues as any other building on our 'wet coast'. Older buildings, portables and even newer buildings can harbor toxic mold causing poor effects on the health of students and staff. We can fully eradicate any mold issues in short order, during 'off hours' so there is no need to close down the school.
Mold belongs in delicious cheeses not your restaurant building! Our process kills all mold and prevents their recurrence. This extends beyond the kitchen and dining areas, killing and preventing bacteria and viruses throughout the entire establishment.
Seniors Care Homes
As we age our immune systems work less efficiently and mold is certainly something nobody wishes to challenge anyone's immune system with at any age. It is important for buildings where our seniors live (and spend a great deal of time) are as mold & pathogen free as possible. Our service clears up mold issues using non-toxic hospital grade cold sterilant to give these homes the 'All Clear'.
Hotels & Short Term Rentals
Small, medium, or large hotel facilities, we treat them all. In this highly competitive marketplace being able to declare your building mold free will make your marketing team very, very happy!
Boating & Marine
Boats and marine facilities are often plagued with mold issues, requiring boats be hauled into dry dock and interiors torn apart to handle the mold. With our patented process, demolition is not necessary, mold is completely eliminated and a microscopic barrier is added to every interior surface, inhibiting re-growth of mold.
Retail Spaces
In retail no down-time can be afforded. Our process gets you back in operation in one day.
Office Spaces
We treat office spaces of any size and configuration, either all at once of in stages as required.
Medical & Dental
The non-toxic solution we use was originally developed to sanitize medical-grade equipment and medical facilities. It is fully EPA tested and certified for use in hospitals and medical establishments.
Your clients work up a sweat in your facility and take in a lot of oxygen in the process..mold spores can be highly toxic and your clients might end up feeling worse after a workout than better. Declaring your facility mold free assures your clients and is an added way to set your business apart from the competition.
Auditoriums & Public Buildings
Discovering mold in a large building, even if it looks to be in a small area, is never good news. HVAC systems that move and circulate air are subject to contamination by sporing mold. This means spot treating an issue will not eradicate a future issue. Our system kills all current mold spores in the building and a second layer of protection offers a long lasting barrier to any new spores taking hold.
New (to you) car or did water intrusion cause mold? Maybe someone smoked in your car and the smell lingers? We eliminate the odors in your car while also killing any mold spores, virus or bacteria.
Our process is applicable to all forms of transportation, be it public transportation or the transport of goods.
Eliminate mold, bacteria & viruses in your facilities and prevent their re-occurrence. Protect the quality of your product and the health of your customers.
Spa & Salon
You've worked hard to build up your loyal clientelle..finding mold in your building doesn't need to create a lot of worry or down time. But, it must be dealt with quickly and carefully. Our process takes just hours to give your business the 'All Clear'.
Storage & Warehousing
Protect the value of your stored property by eliminating mold with finality and prevent it from coming back. Our process is the only process that effectively remediates not only the space, but the content stored in the space.
New Construction
Mold issues in new construction? Yes, it can be a real problem. With so much of our construction season in BC happening in wet/rainy conditions, mold spores proliferate. Many believe this is not an issue as mold needs moisture and once the house is sealed up the moisture evaporates. No moisture equals no mold...until and unless you have a burst pipe or perhaps even lose electricity (increasing humidity). Treating your new build at lock up gives an added layer of protection from future issues.
By eliminating all mold, bacteria and viruses in your facility, you now have the upper hand in ensuring the animals you treat, get the best care possible and recover safely. Our process is fully EPA tested and certified for use in medical facilities and is 100% pet-safe.
Manufacturing Plant
Maintain the purity of your manufacturing process and prevent harmful contamination with a fully sanitized facility.
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The US Army Corps of Engineers Test

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) solves the USA's toughest engineering and environmental challenges. Learn how our unique dry fog system stood up to the rigorous tests put forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Check out the magazine article HERE. Want to dive in really deep? You'll find the full report HERE.


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The discovery of mold in your facility doesn't need to mean lost business with down time for remediation. Our process can take care of the issue in hours, not days. And, with increased awareness about the dangers of many molds, parents will be reassured when you can declare your facility 'All Clear'.